​​​Titus fights to save the nation's capital from an attack!

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​This highly acclaimed series has over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon. The box set includes the complete versions of Book I, One Night in Tehran, and Book II, Two Days in Caracas.

One Night in Tehran:  CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, returns to the States after a failed mission in Iran only to discover he's been put on medical leave and is being stalked by an assassin.

Two Days in Caracas:  Titus Ray goes on the hunt for Hezbollah assassin Ahmed Al-Amin before he murders a high-profile government official. Will he make it in time?

Get two books for the price of one in this Titus Ray Thriller  Box Set. 

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 Three Weeks in Washington

​If you’re a fan of Titus Ray Thrillers, you know CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, loves to cook. In the first book in the series, One Night in Tehran, Titus talks about his love of cooking, and he even makes a pot of chili for Nikki Saxon, the beautiful local detective he meets in Oklahoma. You’ll find Titus Ray’s Famous Chili Recipe, plus nine other Titus Ray recipes in this collection.

Each recipe comes with a Titus Ray story; a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a moment in the covert operative’s life when he’s engaged in a mission but still manages to cook up a delicious meal anyway.

Get a taste of the clandestine life! Enjoy these Titus Ray recipes and the stories behind them.

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 Titus Ray Thrillers

Books 1 & 2 Box Set

​​​Titus travels to Cuba to rescue his partner from a drug cartel!

Books I and II in the Titus Ray
Thriller Series available in
​a box set for your Kindle device

 Four Months in Cuba

In this collection, Titus shares

some of his best recipes and

the stories behind them.

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Two Days in Caracas

 One Night in Tehran

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​​In this pulse-racing Christian thriller, CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, travels from Costa Rica to Venezuela in an effort to stop Ahmed Al-Amin, a Hezbollah assassin, from murdering a high-profile government official.

Along the way, a family crisis jeopardizes his mission, and an Agency division head threatens to destroy his career.

As the danger mounts, he's forced to partner with an untested operative to complete the mission and bring Ahmed to justice. Will he be able to overcome the obstacles and capture Ahmed  Al-Amin before it's too late? ​ ​​

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While on the run from the Iranian secret police, CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, encounters a group of Christians in Tehran. The battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before they smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.

Back in the States and forced to go on medical leave, Titus learns he's been targeted by a Hezbollah assassin. Now,  he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets in Norman, Oklahoma has ties to the man who's trying to kill him, and if Nikki Saxon, a local detective can be trusted with his secrets. Purchase on Amazon. 

​​​He's looking for answers;

An assassin's looking for him!

He thought it would be a simple rescue mission. He was wrong. ​​

When Titus arrives in Santiago de Cuba to rescue Ben Mitchell from the Los Zetas drug cartel, he receives new intel that changes his mission and causes him to question his faith.

With Mitchell's life in imminent  danger, Titus decides to risk it all--his career at the Agency, his future with Nikki and his own life--to bring Mitchell home.

​It wasn't a simple rescue mission. It was much more--more about his survival, more about his faith, more about himself.

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​​When CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, jeopardizes his own career to capture an active shooter in the Washington Navy Yard, he exposes an Iranian deep-cover operative with plans to attack Washington, D.C. with chemical weapons.

The discovery sends Titus on a mission spanning two continents and brings him face-to-face with an Iranian general obsessed with destroying America. As time runs out, Titus plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the enemy to save the lives of thousands and defeat the terrorists. Is he willing to lose Nikki in order to save his country?  

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​​​Titus goes on the hunt for Ahmed and faces a new threat!

 Titus Ray Thriller 
 Recipes with Short Stories

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